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  I`ve set this page up for other collectors/fans to send in items for display, this can be photos of items in their collections or photos of the band live or at meet & greets, i hope everyone enjoys this :)

PLEASE NOTE; These are pictures not available ANYWHERE else on the net so don`t steal them!!

1983 poster for 23/05/83 signing session & ticket for 22/05/83 show with venom, from the collection of Herve

original `Kill `Em All` acetate set, dated 23/06/83, from the collection of Jeff in the states
this is the original set that megaforce pressings of Kill `Em All was mastered from

original megaforce 1983 proof artwork for whiplash on four seperate color seperations, scan stolen from ebay
NOTES; this has the jump in the fire artwork on the front which was changed to a live photo instead

signed megaforce Kill `Em All`s from `83 & `84 sessions, from the collection of Garret in the states

poster for venom/metallica 07/02/1984, 30/11/1984, 03/12/1984 & 01-09/12/1984, from the collection of Chris

Photos by Jari, live in europe on the November/December 1984 tour!! Classic Kirk - Cliff smiling - James & Cliff raging - James grimacing - Cliff blurred raging - Kirk solo - the venue (looks like a school sports hall) - James & fans - James & Kirk w/ flying `v`s - James - Kirk concentrating

1985 poster & ticket for 01/02/85 show with WASP & armoured saint, signed by WASP, from the collection of Dave

James & Kirk & Cliff signed photos from Holland in `85 - from the collection of Alex

ireland 15/09/86 poster, from Deeznuts

1986 `damage inc.` tour book with 5 uk tickets, includes all band signatures, from the collection of Nick

Promo posters from the collection of Chris

18/10/86 cancelled - Sept / Oct cancelled - 24/01/87

Metallica / Zorlac `pirate 1` boards, 1986/7 - Metallica / Zorlac `pirate 1` boards 1988 - Metallica / Zorlac `spider` boards 1988 - Metallica / Zorlac `skull & bones` boards 1988 - Metallica / Zorlac `mega metallica` boards 1988 - Metallica / Zorlac asst boards - from the collection of Usa Collector

Metallica / Zorlac skateboard, 1987 & Metallica / Zorlac skateboard 1989 - from the collection of Tex

ireland 01/10/88 poster, from Deeznuts

...And Justice For All elektra promo poster, fully signed in `88 - from the collection of Anthony

...And Justice For All vertigo laminate, fully signed in `88 - from the collection of Simon, these were given out to aprox 20 fans who followed the `88 uk tour

...And Justice tour poster, 31/05/89 - from the collection of Terry in Canada

Metallica / Zorlac decks, circa 1989 - from the collection of Patric

`...And Justice For All` & `Metallica` platinum awards - from the collection of Jim

Black album tour poster Belgium 22/10/92 & `tama` promo poster from usa `91/`92 - from the collection of Adam in the states

promo promo neon light for the load album, used for instore display, from the collection of Matthijs in Holland

Drumskin signed in Belgium in 2003 from the collection of Les in Belgium

Photos from Bologna, 11 december 2003, taken by Lorenzo!

James 1 - James 2

Photos from Australia, 24/01/2004, from the collection of Jeankri!

Stage shot - Outside the venue

Photos from Cape Town, South Africa 25 march 2006, Taken by Tiago!!

Meet & Greet pass - Tiago w/ James - w/ Robert - w/ Lars - w/ Kirk - Awesome live shot of Kirk!!! - James - Lars - at the airport w/ James - airport again - Signed stuff

Photos from The Netherlands 08 june 2006, taken by Stuart!;

stage set up - Kirk - Lars - James - Kirk - James - James - Kirk - Robert - Kirk - James/Kirk - Robert - Robert - Robert - stage - Lars - James

Photos from Dublin 11 june 2006, taken by Tiago! (again);

venue - `korn` notice - Tiago w/ `james` - Robert- Kirk - the real James

Photos from Sheffield 2009, taken by Gary; 

Kirk - Rob- James - Lars

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